Execute & Track

At this stage you have your plan, you've done your research and have mastered skills like resume writing and phone interviewing. Lets just imagine you are walking in the mall and your cellphone rings. What if this is your dream job calling you? Are you ready? Well, considering you did all the planning and learning - then at this stage you will be able to answer the call, identify the "caller" and go quickly through your EVERNOTES folder and have all your notes in front of you. Ready to answer their questions, knowing exactly what job this is referring to and of course, have interesting questions to ask them too, right? It's time to execute your plan and track it. Why track? Because throughout this journey you need to know what is working and what is not. By doing this, you will revise your plan and adapt it according to many factors which include: new opportunities, environment changes and others.  

Listen in to the podcast and get ready to consistently track your career plan!