Keep Your Cool

Sep 15th 10:57AM EST

After our chat together (i.e. podcast below) my BFF Michelle and I continued to blab about the most difficult situations we had during our most recent job interviews.

From her side, she expanded and described panel interviews and how she managed to answer all questions in the most professional and thoughtful manner (I am jealous!). Meanwhile, I explored my personal experience related to interviews (if not all) between one or two max people in a room and how nervous I get - ALWAYS.

At the end, it doesn’t matter how many people in a room, but how you are prepared to present yourself and keep your cool in doing so!

We explored the ways we both answered generic questions like “tell me about yourself” so the most challenging topics where you think to yourself, “I don’t want to show you I'm weak or that I failed in this specific situation”, but instead “I want to show you exactly how I managed to resolve a conflicting situation in my way”!

Bottom line, we laughed together as we spoke about our not so great situations, from her end - how she cried after an interview and from my end when I thought I was listening to a specific interview question but quickly realized that I had completely SPACED out and well, lets just say - I didn’t get the job.

Bottom line no matter how difficult an interview question can be, Try to be present, confident, yourself and above all: Keep your cool!

Michelle and I are certain that your experience and personality will naturally shine.

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Saludos - Carmen 

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