Keys to Life

Sep 22 11:32 AM EST

If you haven’t yet, check out Jim Kwik link below and rate yourself; evaluate how well are you doing on the 10 keys to life. Now, be honest when you do this self evaluation.

TODAY is the day!

It’s what I call a self-discovery. Self-awareness and lets face it - VERY hard.

This is my Self Evaluation in 10 mins:

  1. Good Brain Diet: 8

  2. Killing Ants: 7

  3. Exercise: 5 (Yes, very embarrassed to admit)

  4. Brain Vitamins: 8

  5. Positive Peer Group: 9

  6. Clean Environment: 8

  7. Sleep: 9

  8. Brain Protection: 9

  9. New Learnings: 9

  10. Stress Management: 7

Clearly, I need to continue working on the importance of movement and stress management. If sitting is the new smoking, then there is no other choice to seek help to stop!

Jim questions, “What does it take to be a champion?”. He further explains, “a champion is willing to pass the pain period”.

So, here I ask you: Are you ready to push pass that pain period and get ready to start working on your professional career + by focusing on the 10 keys of life?

Career Advice for a Novice. #AskCarmen #CareerAdvice #BestJobEver #KeystoLife

Saludos - Carmen 

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