My Younger Self

Oct 3rd, 6:04AM EST

Breathe in. Breathe out. What would you tell your younger self? Happy where you are today? I look at this picture of myself (Not sure my age in this picture - I really should ask my mom). I’m younger than today - that’s for sure! And with no fear in my eyes and a short smile - there is something for sure: I’m happy.

I am not sure what I thought at that age of what I would be doing years later. Definitely not siting here writing a Blog. But what I can tell you is that I still have that expression on my face - so I guess nothing changes right?

Bottom line - Would my younger self be proud of where I am today? Absolutely NOT - why? Because she knows we can do better and we will each day. As Arnold (yes, Schwarzenegger) said recently in a conference - If not today - WHEN? If not you - WHO?

WHO is going to put all those great words together and finally deliver that resume you always wanted? If not today, WHEN are you going to get organized and start applying to positions that you truly want instead of waiting for last minute when you just don’t see any way out?

TODAY is the day you put those words into action. You pick yourself up and you set daily goals to achieve. It’s ok if you fail, that’s all part of the journey - but it is NEVER ok to not try. I think that’s what I always told myself even when wearing that lovely yellow sweater.

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Saludos - Carmen 

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