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Oct 8th, 8:36PM EST

I don’t want to sound cheesy or anything of that sort, but it only just hit me recently - Am I doing something I absolutely love? Think about it. If you really enjoyed washing dishes, would you mind doing it every nite? Probably not. Therefore, doing something - you absolutely without any question love - is what I call ….Fortunate.

I ask my husband this everyday (poor him really). Do you love what you do? His answer? “Yes, Absolutely. If not I wouldn’t be doing it”. He is very blessed to have the opportunity and with his talent, well, lets just say - he is crushing it (yes, sorry to quote GaryV once again!).

Meanwhile, only just recently, after much self searching, I found my ultimate second career. It took me almost 39 years to realize it. For some, it takes less time, for others maybe a bit more. The point is, you find your true passion, love or loves, you really must go for it.

While my human love supports my true passion (some call it calling), we are blessed to be each other #1 fan! (vomit, right - I guess I failed this is too cheesy - sorry!).

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Saludos - Carmen 

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