Who is in your Network?

Nov 5th, 6:27PM EST

Another potential client has called and asked for advice. We chatted and we chatted some more. One entire hour has passed and all I can say is that most of our conversation went back and forward regarding all aspects of career building but focused mainly on: Building a NETWORK.

Prioritizing efforts of reaching out and connecting with potential who knows…future mentors, coaches or even sponsors? Networking to find where you want to be at in 1…2… or even 5 years. Building relationships with key stakeholders that could potentially be those that make a final hiring selection perhaps of a job that you may want?

Bottom line, having the support of your network is what will make career building a lot easier.

Networking for not a personal gain, but to build strong lasting and important relationships that can elevate you and everyone around you to reach their true potential professionally and personally. This is the beauty of networking.

Career Advice for a Novice. #AskCarmen #CareerAdvice #BestJobEver #networking

Saludos - Carmen 

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