Hoping my rivals do great this year!

Mar 15 6:45AM EST

Just a few hours before my 9AM EST start of the day officially, I look for some inspiration to kick start and pump some energy.

I found today’s quote to come from Adam Grant. Recently he has been my ultimate favorite author and podcaster whom delivers what he calls: finding ways for work not to suck! Just recently he published the following quote in Linkedin:: “Your rivals can bring out the best in you: the better they did last year, the better you’ll do this year.”

We all have rivals right? My google just told me that the meaning is “a person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field of activity.”. So, let us think about this. We all know people working in the same field, job, career or simply doing a bit better than you at this present moment. Would your rival’s efforts bring out your ultimate best?

I look at this as a way to better myself and those around me. Imagine if most if not all people I surround myself with do a fabulous job in building their careers and finding joy in everything they do? That would inspire myself not only to do well as well, but also learn from their experience, their successes and think outside of my own personal commitment and goals to even further and achieve my objectives as well as others I never thought of yet.

I not only hope my rivals do wonders this year, but I cannot wait to continue the challenges ahead and the work that I so enjoy which is to ensure that every kid gets the same career advice as I did when I was younger. Go Rivals - Go!

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Saludos - Carmen 

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