My Naked Self

August 23, 2019 7:09AM EST

No… Guys!!! Come on!!! I’m not going to be naked… well, lets just say, at least not physically. On the other hand, Emotional nakedness is ok! #Nofilter is what I tell everyone. Time is clicking and I have to start working extra hard to achieve my goals this year. Need to find solutions on how to reach and obtain the necessary attention from young teens. How do you think I should convinence them that taking 5-10 mins on their career plan is not a bad idea and perhaps better than watching a cute cat video. Lets be honest, cat videos are cute and entertaining…. but they are not going to help you find the next best thing.

So, I seek a challenge for this month - work on some ideas and how to try to get the word out there - specially those that need it the most. Get down to my naked self and try to find the truth of what my audience. What do they think about their Careers? Keeping an open mind. Ideas are appreciated!

Career Advice for a Novice. #AskCarmen #CareerAdvice #BestJobEver #Getthewordout #Nakedself

Saludos - Carmen 

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