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March 28th, 7:21AM EST

My day started about 2 hours ago. Bright and early my husband, Javier, left to work about 5:30AM and I get ready to start my day. by 6:15AM I’m showered and had a quick bite. I then start reviewing any outstanding I have regarding my position as Marketing & Events at my husband’s restaurant, so I ensure all emails are read, update our social media platforms and complete a catering order for next week. It’s now 7:15am and inspired by some quote posted on LinkedIn by Adam Grant (again! - uff, you’ll get tired of me saying his name).  

I move quickly to Ask Carmen website, emails and podcasts. Reviewing my calendar for today and the next few days. Trying to ensure that I complete all the activities planned to complete today - I’m pumped!

I read through some materials and take down some notes for our next podcast recording. I’m excited and while I only have about 1 hour left before I start my corporate position at the bank sharply at 8:30AM - I decide to quickly deliver this message for you today:


FOLLOW YOUR CURIOSITY and let it lead you to the best moments you probably did not plan.

Believe it or not I really did not think I would be starting my own business at the same time as working full time, but most importantly to begin exercising my developed passion: Career consulting and mentoring!  

Write down, like I did, the topics, activities and interests that you are most curious about. Start exploring those together so that you too can wake up early and work on exactly what you always wanted to do but never really considered it could be your true vocation.

Career Advice for a Novice. #AskCarmen #CareerAdvice #BestJobEver #FollowCuriosity

Saludos - Carmen 

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