Ask Carmen

3 - Step Program

Simple and Concise. This 3-step program will help you achieve your defined career goals. Don't know where to start? No worries - #AskCarmen will work on that too as part of Step 1. Whether you are creating your first-time resume for job search or college/university application. Or maybe you need guidance to find your ideal job or career path. - we will accomplish this together as part of Step 2. Finally, "Rinse and Repeat" method and the importance of tracking is exactly what we scheduled in for Step 3. Want to get started? Setup your complimentary 1-hour session today! 



STep 1: Self DiscoverY & Research

  • Identify and list your key strengths, interests, values, etc.

  • List and define your goals and if possible, set your one to five-year career plan.

  • Explore and research your niche value to employers and/or universities.

  • Research (alot!!!) and strategize ideal path to your defined plan.


Step 2: Planning & Learning

  • Define and complete your plan by prioritizing and setting up your time schedule for timely execution.

  • Learn required and necessary soft skills to effectively execute your plan, such as CV/cover letter development, mock interviewing, etc.


Step 3: Execute & Track

  • With your plan at hand and your schedule in place, begin to execute!

  • Track progress by regularly visiting your plan and make necessary adjustments based on feedback, challenges and/or revised goals.