Ask Carmen

Why Listen?

Why should you listen to this podcast? Well, lets just say that if you are interested in learning about those critical tools that will help you on your job search, that's one reason. Or Perhaps to learn from key professionals in the field that you are dying to dive into, that's another! You need another reason? Ok, here it goes: Learn from our candid conversations with students, young professionals, and experts as they share how they got started or how they have developed throughout the years. From finding a job to preparing for a dream career or crying fiascos after an interview - all topics are covered!

Season 1

Season One launched back in April 2018. Topics range from interview and resume tips, healthy lifestyle and a conversation with a future astronaut. Don't miss out Episode 4 where #AskCarmen interviews Florencia (my twin!!!).


Season 2

Season Two kicked off in August 2018 with a quick chat about consistency, mentorship and Career drivers. Additionally tips on how to succeed in panel interviews to understanding data sciences and how it can help reach out to great opportunities that could be just a few miles away. Don’t miss out on our candid conversation with multiple guest speakers!


Season 3

Season three Kicked off in October 2019. No topic will be off limits this year. #AskCarmen will bring it! Tune in and start listening!